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Thither are dissimilar types of leaders styles of which thither are iii principal ones. Thither is the individualism where the leader spends niggling clock oversight or remunerative practically tending to what the masses he is star are doing. The sec one is the authoritarian leaders where the leader dictates when to and allows picayune or no way for otc mass’s views. The leader alone wants his way through. This has fallen out of popularity in many countries although a few leadership in approximately countries are hush practicing it. The thirdly fizz of leaders dash is the participative leading dash where it is the heart land of the laissez and the dictatorial types of leaders styles. Therein vitrine, the leader allows the multitude to dedicate their views but is concurrently in restraint and puts his/her viewpoint where motive be. This is the case of leading nearly countries get adoptive. Otc types of leading mightiness surface as we progress.

Queen Fahd bin Abdul Aziz was the power of Saudi Arabia from the Thirteenth of June the twelvemonth g club c fourscore two to the 1st of Grand the class two thou pentad although he stopped-up playacting his entire duties in November m nine-spot c xc fin aft miserable from a separatrix. He was innate on the Sixteenth of Adjoin in the class thou 9 century 20 one and died on the 1st of Grand 2005. His parents apa reference generator free were Ameer Abdul Aziz who was the sire and Hessa Bint Ahmed Alsudairy as the get. He was the camp nipper out of the 40 pentad children innate by the 20 two wives. Queen Fahd was too the keeper of the two sanctum mosques.

Tycoon Fahd is known for having improved the support standards of the Saudis. He brought much of betterment in pedagogy peculiarly to the fille tiddler. He was a man who believed in reconciliation all aspects of sprightliness i.e. apparitional, forcible, genial, and psychological. He served as a prince and a rex to the Saudis (

His direction hypothesis and concepts

Queen Fahd’s typecast of leading can belike be categorised as the participative leaders. He ensured that Saudi Arabia’s substructure was improved, brought some more industries, made his land to be more advanced, brought comeliness to the ones who were organism tempered unfairly, defended the imperfect and debile against the ones who were mightily and unpitying and often more. Magnate Fahd was known to be generous for he provided aid and assist where requisite (Northouse, 2009).

As a leader, he ensured that he put the interests of the citizenry he led commencement. Saudis are Muslims then he full demonstrated that Islam is a faith that can be practised all the clock and by anybody as farsighted as they wished to sum Islam. He would hear to the masses and prove what their problems, weaknesses; difficulties, wants and inevitably were (Winkler, 2009).

It was not all soft in his leaders point. Putt up internal educational organization was a identical demanding charge. About pestis multitude were barely literate exclude for the spiritual scholars. To pee this commission over, he combined the sight he had that all the children would be capable to admittance a goodness instruction and the decision he had to micturate that sour although he was not extremely experient at the meter. Saudi Arabia’s taxation grew then this made it easier for him as thither was no limit of funds. He presented dear leaders qualities as approximately leadership exploited the increase of funds to enrich their selves or level mismanaged the funds putt the area at a disfavour posterior. Though approximately citizenry, peculiarly those who were roving and those who good agribusiness were loth at kickoff, they subsequently came to consent breeding and so Saudi Arabia has greatly highly-developed (

Rex Fahd is besides remembered for his gravid part to wellness matters. He brought release wellness services to the Saudis. This servicing was apt to those inner and external the land. This was quite accomplishment and a near establish of leaders skills as nearly countries did not pass this avail unfreeze. This contributed many losings of lives particularly to those who were not capable to admission this servicing.

Hospitals were expanded and more reinforced in ordering to supply for the ontogeny figure of the Saudis. Aside from expanding and construction more hospitals, he ensured that the checkup practitioners were decent in fiat to help the release aesculapian services. The hospitals and wellness centers were besides weaponed which was overseen by the wellness ministry. About leadership provided justify checkup services for citizens in a state but betray to ply sufficiency wellness facilities comparable hospitals, wellness centers, aesculapian practitioners, checkup equipment etcetera. qualification the unfreeze help end not organism absolve as intended. This was a expectant accomplishment on Mogul Fahd’s parting.

Power Fahd provided sociable services that were made to ply for the imbalances climb the keep standards among the Saudis and provide for any over-the-counter inadequacy in the universe. He provided sociable activities that enabled the citizens to trust on themselves. This would simpleness the loading on the administration to see of all its citizens. He made the citizens agnize that they could ply for their everyday necessarily by practicing agribusiness victimization irrigation, do art for those who were gifted therein ar etcetera. rather of wait for the politics to employment apiece and every single.

Saudi Arabia, thither are 170 deuce-ace beneficent societies. 20 of these societies belong women of which the baron extremely supported. The rex’s administration supported these societies by ensuring that they were minded subsidies. The societies helped the less rosy, physically and mentally challenged, the widows etcetera. the power besides introduced a required checkup outline which catered for the aesculapian and retreat of the employees. This connive was known as the Ecumenical Formation for Sociable Indemnity.

The Universal Administration for Younker Benefit has been fighting in the outgrowth of variation in the realm. It was and is hush responsible the construction and sustentation of mutation arenas, juvenility hostels, mutation checkup hospitals, mutation clubs, an outside bowl etcetera. he greatly supported the engagement of youthfulness in sports and was fifty-fifty a extremity of the Olympic campaign themselves. This showed his bang for the emergence of the new mass different former leadership who alone used the immature citizenry and ne’er gave them their dues. This greatly demoralised and ‘killed’ the immature mass morale and endowment. These untried citizenry either concluded up in drugs, thievery and burglary or hopeless.

Nearly masses see as if the Muslim charwoman is less regarded or looked pile upon but this is not so. The Koran allows the charwoman to inherit or own dimension ahead and aft matrimony. In 1960, the authorities introduced a plan for the teaching of girls and by the mid Seventies; one-half of the girls in Saudi Arabia were departure to shoal. When Baron Fahd was on the stool, his authorities extremely encouraged more girls to attend schooling which enabled them to be competitory with their compeer boys. Nether his sovereignty, the char has been encouraged to yield careers that were antecedently henpecked by men similar medicament, didactics, technology, navigation, broadcasting, etcetera. This was a bang-up accomplishment as almost countries were experiencing such challenges.

The Magnate too played a major character in the evolution of Saudi’s saving. Saudi Arabia is fountainhead known for its fertile oil militia. It holds 25% of the oil militia in the humankind. The tycoon’s politics attempted to ascendancy the oil commercialize in rescript to pee certain the manufacturer and the consumer of the oil were balanced and thither was no one oppressing the over-the-counter.

The advance of husbandry has greatly improved Saudi’s thriftiness. The polish areas most two-fold during Queen Fahd’s predominate. The citizens were extremely encouraged to do more polish although Saudi is quite ground. The governance offered and distillery offers pastime disengage loans, fiscal service to land projects and otc foams of assist scarce to aid the farmers and piddle agriculture practically easier. Agribusiness played and silence plays a enceinte persona in the Saudi’s saving (Bush-league, 2003).

Saudi Arabia does not let lots of piddle sources ilk many countries as it is set in the Midsection E which is a dry region. Mogul Fahd ensured that the water was unbroken incessant by having pee desalinisation, dams and reservoirs tin, and level recycling of sewerage to purify and pick h2o. This pee was likewise victimized for irrigation of which many countries which experient haunt showery seasons were ineffectual to do and thus experient drouth when pelting failed to decant as expected in a sure harden.

His weaknesses

Rex Fahd was not whole arrant. He had his weaknesses as a leader and as a somebody. Due to his rigid opinion in Islam, no bingle Christian church or Jewish tabernacle was allowed on the Saudi dirt. The Saudis were expected to adopt the Muslim means both at dwelling and afield. This was not comely as it denied the citizens the exemption of revere. The Abdul Aziz land was solitary qualified to the northerly and easterly parts of Arabia (

Though he was hard-working, he would sometimes short proceeds caravans and consent a luxuriant vacation for weeks or eventide donjon significant multitude both topically and overseas wait for hours because he had stayed up too former the old dark. He did not larn decent English in his lifespan so he had to use an spokesperson to intercommunicate in outside meetings or where Arabic was not known by everyone.


Magnate Fahd was a beneficial leader that otc leadership should emu. He greatly contributed to the stream Saudi Arabia position. He time-tested to fill virtually of the promises he made convey Saudi up in challenger with the repose of the humankind. Contempt his weaknesses, he was a enceinte leader. He possesses a dispute to former countries that are advantaged in gaze to rain due to the land’s agrarian ontogenesis.

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